Friday, June 12, 2009

quilt update

I am toward the end of piecing the top of my quilt and it looks nothing like I had intended it to when I first started quilting. Sure, it has puckers, but that adds character. I went from quilting a full-size to a somewhat-twin size quilt because I was running out of ties. I will have to post pictures later of what it is shaping up to look like. Now, I am piecing together pieces around the outside edges so that it will be even. right now, the quilt edges are very uneven. (this is because i was "eyeballing" the measurements when I was piecing the blocks together. I am pleased with the results so far. I am thinking that I will loosely stitch it so that it will look fluffy. This will also disguise the puckers in my sewing. So far, I have spent a total of $10 on the quilt. This cost was mainly for the quilt batting and thread. The ties were free or scraps left over from my purse.

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