Monday, November 23, 2009

Recycled project

My cat is fat. He also poops a lot. Because of this, I go through a bunch of litter and end up with a bunch of litter buckets. I don't want to throw the buckets away because they are perfectly okay, but one can only have so many buckets in her closet before it begins to overflow. To remedy this, I have started using them as pots. They are a whole lot cheaper than the $14 pots than the discount chain stores sell. The only problem is that buckets with "Cat Litter" printed on them aren't very attractive for your house.

Did I also mention that my cat likes to sharpen his claws? This isn't a new discovery for cats, however, my cat only likes to use the leopard-print scratching post. I discovered this the other day when I tried to replace his old scratching post with a new one. He would not use it.

One day, I decided to clean out the closet, which involved me pulling out the old scratching post. The cat ran immediately to the old one and started scratching, even though the rope was worn out.

Since I am stubborn, I decided I would not be bested by a cat. I also hate spending money on stuff that's not used so I decided to do an old switch-er-roo on him. I replaced the old rope with the new rope from the new scratching post. He loves the old one even more now.

I didn't want to throw the old rope away, so I decided to save it for something. Thanks to my cat, I now have a cute flower pot, made from reusable materials from my cat.

I also used some jute string I had laying around the house too.

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