Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quotes from work

In honor of being at work one year now, I thought I would share some quotes that I had written down. The names will be withheld for security reasons :).

1. Pizza's like beer. It starts at good and gets better.
2. Two Ed's are better than one
3. Person 1: She's on the beach.
Person 2. I hope it's raining
4. Man... when I say "please" in an email
5. Will you be my friend?
6. The question is... can we do it from home?
7. We got women, men, questionmarks.
8. He's an idiot. He faxed me the page upside down
9. Sometimes, at this university, common sense doesn't mean anything.
10. (he) doesn't say hi, bye, kiss my butt
11. I am sitting over here fighting the urge to take my socks off.
12. The physical phone is moving
13. Tell them they can kiss my royal butt.
14. We need a beer machine
15. and I'd say screw you
16. I'm fixing to do the committee assignments and I'm going to put her on every commitee.
17. Forward me some trashy email
18. Man, will this semester ever end? (the second day of the semester)
19. Person 1: You got your keys?
Person 2: (while grinning mischieviously) I got a master key.
20. Person 1: Do you want me to stand in your parking spot until you get back?
Person 2: I've got a grad student for that.
21. Somebody build an ark.
22. I tried to get rid of him one way... I failed him three times. I guess I'll have to do it the other way.
23. Please send out an email telling everyone not to drink the water out of the toilet bowl.
24. My sister told me she's on her last pocket protector
25. No wonder the Rennaisance went away. I'm sweating like a pig in this thing.
26. Person 1: I like your ringtone.
Person 2: I do too. It sounds like her (their wife)
27. I got promoted. I went from Department Head to Queen.
28. A squirrel is just a rat with a fluffy tail
29. Person 1: You want a cookie?
Person 2: Hell yes!
30. Don't be cheating with no bums

That is all.

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