Friday, April 30, 2010

Latest project

Well, even though I have 2 crocheting projects underway (one of which I started at least 3 years ago), I have decided to build a dresser-mainly because the dresser we have now will fall on you if more than 2 drawers are open at a time and it will not hold all of our clothes. Here is the dresser that is my inspiration. It's Pottery Barn's Ashby Collection. I figured it up, to build it, it will only cost around $120. That's a big difference, plus, it will give me something to do this summer.

Also, thanks to returning a textbook, I have a little money to fund the project.

Did I mention the textbook story? Well, I went to Barnes and Noble to return the book. They informed me that they could only give me a little over $7 for it since they had reached their retail limit. I already had it for sale on for $12.34, so I decided to keep it. Later in the day, I got to thinking and decided that it wasn't worth the trouble of holding the book at my apartment when I could get paid now, so I decided to take it to Campus Book Mart on my way home from work. Well.... I'm glad I did. They gave me $60 for it. $60!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited.

I went home and finished drawing up my plans while listening to the soap opera. We had the windows open because we had just finished cooking dinner and the apartment was getting hot. A girl was on the phone with her husband and was giving him hell for not graduating (along with other stuff). I'm sure she doesn't want me posting that phone call online for all to read, so I won't. As the conversation went on, I thought for sure that I would see her husband's clothes in the parking lot.

I went to Lowes to price my dresser and to avoid the nerdfest going on in my apartment. My husband and his brother were a) downloading Starcraft (and hogging all of the bandwidth), b) playing Pokemon, and c) creating Magic the Gathering decks to play cards against each other.

The new dresser will be so much larger than the other one. It will be 52" wide, 40" tall, and 22" deep.

I'll have to wait until next weekend to start it, though, because my in-laws are coming up this weekend and my brother-in-law is graduating.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

School's out... for a few weeks

Well, I took my last (and only) final last night for the semester. It was hard. It was only three questions, but the format was as follows:

1. a. 1., b. 1., c. 1., 2., 3., 4., d., e., f.

2. a. 1. 2. b.

3. a., b.

So, in total, approximately 18-20 questions. I think/know I got the first problem wrong, because I got a negative number in a square root... which is mathematically impossible. Unfortunately, the number was used throughout the first problem, so who knows what I'll make. Hopefully, he'll grade like last semester (meaning, I think I failed that final, too but still got an A in the class).

Philip is graduating this weekend, so I've been busy cleaning the apartment so that his mom won't think I'm a total slob, only a part slob. I've dusted (sort of), vaccuumed, cleaned out the fish tank, and washed all of the dishes. Chris helped with the clothes. I need to do the litter box, but I hate doing the litter box and Chris won't touch it. (mainly because part of the agreement for me to get a cat was that he would not have to clean out the litter box).

On the gardening side of things, farewell to the azalea blooms for another year. My azalea was beautiful and I have a lot of pictures, the only thing is that the pictures are still on my phone and camera. My canteloupe seeds are beginning to grow. Hopefully I will have canteloupe this summer. The irises didn't bloom this year because I moved them to a bigger area before they had formed the blooms and were in "shock" because of the new environment. I should have a ton of daylillies this summer, though-which will make up for the lack of irises. I guess I will have to look at previous years' irises to get me through ;).

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm stocking up...

This weekend, I started making purses for my new etsy store. So far, I have one bag-a tie messenger bag. I don't want to be one of "those" people who only have one thing in their store, so I am going to try to make a little more inventory before I go on-line with my store. I'm focusing mainly on purses, but who knows what I'll put in my store.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here's what I've been doing

I thought I would share what I've been up to....