Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My New China!!!!

I'm so excited. I found my china at an almost 80% discount! It was originally $732 dollars but I found it for the low price of $199. Mikasa was having a sale on it PLUS offering a 20% discount on any one item. On top of that, they were having FREE SHIPPING for items over $150. Usually, one place setting costs $50 at least. I found an 8 piece setting for $160!!! This has to be the steal of the century (other than inheriting your family's china).

I wasn't sure if I should get it and Christopher told me that I should sleep on the idea.

My mom asked me if I wanted my Grandmother's China cabinet after my grandmother had died. I said yes (of course) and now I have china to put in it.

I guess after all of this talking, you would probably like to see a picture of this amazing china. Lauren and Anna, two of my bridesmaids, helped me pick out the pattern almost 3 years ago. (has it really been almost 3 years?) Lauren used to work at a gift shop that sold china so she knew what to look for and steered me in the right location to get quality stuff.

The china cabinet has a broken pane of glass and was in a house in which the occupants smoked cigarettes for over 30 years, so the cabinet has a huge buildup of tar. I will have to sand the cabinet down and fix the broken window. I think I will paint it black and add silver knobs.

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