Thursday, February 4, 2010

China Cabinet and my new favorite website

Apparently, Chris was unaware of my inherited china cabinet. Since I have been talking about painting and redoing, he just assumed that I was going to build a china cabinet from scratch. I told him that that was not the intention since I do not want my shelves falling and breaking the plates ;) . It also didn't help that I had previously been drooling over the projects on my new favorite blog. Can you believe it? Patterns for high-end furniture!!!

The china cabinet, like I previously posted, the china cabinet was in a smoker's house for many, many years. I haven't decided how I will remove the tar. I'm thinking a simple mix of bleach and water and a good scrub. Now, my only problem is moving the cabinet from my parents' house to my apartment.

My parents would be more than willing to help me move it, but there are three scenarios on how it would be moved:

1. My parents would load it, then drive to my apartment with it, then have to drive back. The fault with this plan is that it would involve my parents a) having to load the monstrocity by themselves and b) having to make a 2 hour trip just to deliver something.

2. Christopher and I driving their house, helping them load it, and then all of us driving in two different vehicles to my apartment and then my parents driving back home.

3. Christopher and I renting a U-haul (since we don't have a truck) and driving to my parents' house, loading the cabinet, and then driving back to Starkville. The only problem with that is that I don't know if Chris and I can lift it. The good thing is that we could recruit help to move it.

I'm not sure how to move it. I really would like to do the 3rd option, since it will put less strain on my parents and also, give the people in their community something to gossip about. (or as I like to call gossip, conspiracy theories)

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