Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The new planter

Well, I built something, but it wasn't what was proposed earlier in the blog.

I went to Lowe's to buy the lumber and... well.... 12 foot boards won't really fit in the car. Because they do not sell car-stretchers at Lowes, I decided to rethink my planter box and make something simpler. (smaller). Lowe's sells 6 foot boards that fit nicely into the car.

I changed the plan to be something simpler that would only require 8 1x6x6's. I had one 2x4x10 on-hand to build the supports for the planter.

I also was needing boards with straight-cut lines.... I have a tendency to cut not-so-straight lines. I finally talked myself into buying a skil-saw. It worked wonderfully.

The next chapter in the planter saga was the fact that I needed dirt. Do you know how hard it is to find dirt if you want to just dig it up? I had to scratch my head and try to find a place that wouldn't arrest me for digging.

I tried to get dirt from a remote spot near my apartment, but wet clay is heavier than it looks. It took me FOREVER to drag back a bucket of dirt to the apartment... and I didn't even do all of the dragging. I wimped out half-way to the apartment and had to get my husband to drag it back. He ended up pulling a muscle in his arm and gave up after getting the dirt back to the house.

I then decided to look for a better spot for dirt. I settled on getting dirt from the ditches around my apartment. This way, I would be doing a favor by cleaning out the ditches and getting dirt for my box.

After filling my box with old potting soil and clay, I decided that it was time to go to walmart and buy some potting soil to fill up the rest of the box. Did you know Walmart sells dirt for less than $1.50 a bag? That doesn't seem like a bad price, considering all of the sore muscles that I still have after hauling tons of dirt all Sunday evening.

I planted all of my flowers on one side (my daylilies, irises, azalea bush, and cedar tree). The other half of my planter will be leaf lettuce (bought from walmart) and bell pepper seeds (that I had saved from a bell pepper-I just hope they sprout). If the bell peppers don't work, I may either plant the canteloupe seeds that I had saved from a canteloupe last summer or maybe plant a cucumber plant.

I will have to post pictures later.

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