Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have been living with a TV table as my nightstand for the past 2.5 years. You would think that I would have one, but since I slept on the top bunk in college and had a computer desk right next to my head in my first apartment, I have never really had a need for a nightstand. My eyes were finally opened once I saw this:

I realized that I needed a nightstand, preferably one that matched the one that matched the one that Christopher had. That's one good thing about getting married- you inherit a lot of furniture.

I didn't want to spend the $80 to get a replacement nightstand. I also wanted to clear out some clutter in my apartment as well-by using the MDF from an old entertainment center.

I took the measurements of Christopher's nightstand and began to cut out the appropriate pieces. I then put them together and painted them with some sample paint that I had purchased at Lowes. I thought I had bought the appropriate color, unfortunately, I was a few shades off.

I could really realize it after I put it together and put it by my bed. I didn't like the yellow color.

While at work, I found out that they make a brush that can paint woodstain onto furniture. I had to try it out. I was really impressed with how it turned out. It would have looked more like woodstain if I hadn't used a mixture of polyurethane and stain. If you use just stain, it will look better.

I was really impressed with how it turned out. When I get some extra spending money, I may invest in drawer slides for the drawer. Right now, the drawer is sitting on two boards. The drawer works, but is always at risk of falling out if you open it too far.
I think it looks pretty close to Chris's nightstand.

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