Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The China Cabinet

So... if all goes as planned, I should get a china cabinet today! My parents wouldn't hear of me renting a U-haul and used the excuse that "they move stuff like that all the time". Since they are where I get my "stubborn" side from, I didn't fight. It is supposed to be rain-free today, so I'm hoping that they can move it today.

With all of my excitement, I'm sure you are wondering where the "story" is at in this china cabinet. Well, it was my grandmother's china cabinet. She had it in her house for as long as I can remember. She kept all of her "trinkets" in it in the living room. The cabinet is probably over 50 years old.

When my grandmother and grandfather were married, they never had an official wedding ceremony. They went to the justice of the peace in Vaiden and got a marriage license. They were young (as in my grandfather was only 15 and my grandmother was 14) and just starting out and he didn't have money for a wedding ring.

Later, he decided to get my grandmother a wedding present. She was hoping for a wedding ring. My grandfather, being the creative and spontaneous type, decided to not follow tradition. He got her something that was in a black box, alright, but it wasn't a ring. It was a china cabinet.

The story of the "wedding ring china cabinet" was passed down and all of their children knew the story. Even to their dying days, my grandmother never got a wedding ring. I believe that it was because they love to fight over the smallest of things. If he had gotten her a ring, she would have nothing to nit-pick about when they were fighting. My grandmother said that she despised the china cabinet, but she never got rid of the cabinet... and she could certainly get rid of it if she wanted to. This is the same woman who chased my grandfather through a screen door with a butcher knife.

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