Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fabric choices

Well, the china cabinet isn't black after all. It's more of a mahogany color and will take hours and hours of cleaning to get it back to it's rightful shade of wood-grain. So, there isn't much to post about it. I took plenty of pictures last night and will post them later so that I can have a dramatic "before and after" post. For now, I'm looking for fabrics for my new chair.

The current fabric is burnt orange... straight from the 70's. It has to go . So with that in mind, here is what I found in cyber space.

This fabric is not only on sale, it's also flame-retardant. I think it's flame retardant b/c not even fire would want to touch this VERY dated fabric.

I could support the Navy with this one. (or learn to play the bagpipe while sitting in my new chair)

I tried to convince Chris to let me get this fabric, but at a whopping retail price of $396 a yard, (on sale for $79.20) it would cost me almost $500 for two chairs... I think not.

I thought about being creative and tyedying painter's cloth, but Chris wouldn't go for it. I told him that it was either that or he would be subject to this fabric.

I sent this link to Chris, hoping for some sort of "hell no", but he actually approved of it.

I'm still looking...

I found these on Flexsteel's website. They are located in Starkville, MS.

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