Friday, February 12, 2010

Critter count... and why I hate Lowe's

The china cabinet is a pain in my side... well, not the cabinet, just the "supply" store that i am having to buy stuff from. I will tell of my experience at Lowes so that they will get bad publicity and maybe clean up their act.

I should have known that last night's excursion was going to be a failure as soon as I started out. I saw two cop cars with their lights own at a bad intersection. I thought, oh, there must be a wreck, so I turned around and went the other way. As soon as I turned around, I looked in my rear-view mirror and the cops were gone.

When I got to Lowes (after going to the Dollar Tree to find a frame that had glass that would have fit, I decided to check out the panneling. I found a sheet that I wanted to get cut, and even had the measurements written out so that they could cut it up, I could finish my shopping, and I would be on my merry way. I found an associate, climbing in the 2x4 lumber and asked him to cut it for me. He told me that the saw was broken... Really???? A saw... at a hardware store.... broken.... They sell saws a few rows over. They just didn't want to cut it.

Next, I decided to get a piece of glass cut for the cabinet. The dimensions were 9x11, 1/2 inch short of just getting a picture frame from Dollar Tree. The lady couldn't find a 10x12 piece to cut down, and she got one out of the scrap bin. It took her a while to find a piece to cut, and then she started measuring it to be 12 inches, even though I told her 11 inches. Then, she couldn't figure out how to cut the glass. She had to call a guy to come help her. When he arrived, he cut the glass. By this point, I just wanted to go home. I was tempted to just say "hand me the glass and I'll take it home and cut it" since I got a glass cutter from my dad. I decided it would be better to get "professionals" to do it since the edge would be nicer. He cut the glass on one side, and discovered that the blade was dull. I could have cut a better line than he did and he asked me if I wanted to see if they could change out the blade.... at this point, i just wanted to go home. I didn't care. They finally got the glass cut and the product number on the packaging. I noticed that he had written down the wrong number, but I was angry and just wanted to leave.

I had had enough by the time I got to the register. She rang up my problems, and I saw that they charged me for a 12x16 piece of glass, even though the measurements were 9x11. The smallest size they had was 10x12. They used a scrap piece of glass, so the measurements weren't even 12x16 to begin with. I asked her about this since I didn't think it was right for Lowe's to not only waste my time, but also my money. She got the glass guy to come over and I told him that the smallest piece was 10x12, adn that I didn't think I should be charged for a larger piece than what was needed. He got the product number. I stood at the register hoping the lady coudl do a refund, but she didnt. She told me to go to the returns counter and get a refund. There was no one there, so I just stood at the register, because I heard her mutter something about doing a refund. Plus, she still had my receipt. She finally gave me my receipt and I had to go outside and back in to get to the returns desk.

When I got to the desk, the lady gave me a refund, but refunded me for the entire product. I started to think that she was goign to take my glass. I told her I wanted to keep this piece of glass. SHe was like "I know, I gotta ring it up again". Then, she stood there, all confused, about how to give me my money. She rang up the new amount, and I had to give her the cash back from the full amount. In the end, I only got a dollar back. Wouldn't it have been easier to just subtract the amount from the lesser amount and give me a dollar and change back? I was furious. I haven't been that mad in a really long time. The whole experience has made me hate Lowes (in my town). I've decided that when I want to get the paneling again, I am going to go to the next town over to buy it, just to avoid the stupidity at this Lowes.

After growing weary of cleaning the china cabinet and still removing tar, I decided to start tearing the chair apart. (here's where the title comes from) Upon removing the upholstery and old foam, I found three dirt-dobber (wasp) nests and two spiders. I freaked out. I hate spiders. Needless to say, they met their maker before they could bite me.

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